The news was announced during the 6th meeting of coordinators of the PIBIC. The Panel of the Institutional Programmes of scientific research and Technology will serve as a database for disseminating results of investments in scientific initiation.

In the Panel you can find various data about the Institutional Program of scientific initiation scholarships (PIBIC), Institutional scholarships program initiation in technological development and innovation (PIBITI), the program of Undergraduate and master's degree in mathematics/OBMEP and OBM (PIBICME) and the Junior Scientific initiation program (ICJ).

Are given as: number of current grants by program (by institution, Federation drive and large area), total investments, amounts of scholarships, research projects and people, historical evolution, among others.

For Hernan Chaimovich, President of the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq), the Panel allows a greater visibility of the results of investment in scientific initiation and is a big step to show the impact of research on society. "The CNPq alone cannot move forward, are the coordinators of each program PIBIC PIBIT, and responsibility to help measure the impact of one of the most important intellectual training programs in this country".

"This Panel is extremely Rico and provides an overview of each of the coordinators what's going on in your program and what's happening in Brazil". Finalized Hernan.

The Panel is accessible at: programmes-of-ict