The laboratories linked to the graduate program in environmental biology are located on the Campus of Bragança of the Federal University of Pará. Many of them are consolidadados, while others are already in the process of consolidating their lines of research. Some have been expanded and others are working in entirely new buildings. There are more than 15 laboratories, in which all lines of research lines of the program have laboratories.

Lab 1: Mangrove Ecology Laboratory (LAMA)

Description and history: The first activities of Mangrove Ecology Laboratory (LAMA) took place in the building where worked the old classroom of the graduate program in environmental biology (PPBA) Campus of Braganza in the year 2002. The day March 03 2006, Ordinance number 013 to 2006 formally appointed Dr. Marcus Emanuel Barroncas Fernandes as coordinator of the mud. From that date, with new perspectives, the lab began to expand their lines of research and its students and alumni, consolidating the current creation of mangrove Ecology Laboratory. The MUD is part of the Faculty of biological sciences, the Institute for Coastal Studies (IECOS), which is headquartered on the Campus of Bragança, Northeastern Pará State.

The MUD has kept its activities through national and international sources, which have provided the production of books, book chapters and scientific articles on various topics related to mangroves in the Brazilian Amazon. Therefore, any publication made available on this site is the result of this funding and from the date of creation, as a matter of fact, this lab, the year of 2002.

Coordinator: Dr. Marcus Emanuel Fernandes Barroncas


Lab 2: Chemical Laboratory of fish (LAQUIPE)


Description and history: The chemical laboratory of fish began its activities at the beginning of 2009 and is currently equipped with equipment to make chemical analysis diersas, as cromatografo, NIR spectrophotometer, UV-visible espectrosfotômetro, Lyophilizer, water bath, rotaevaporador, centrígugas. The line of research to which the LAQUIPE is switched on is Evaluation and use of Bio-resources.

Coordinator: Prof. Evaldo Silva

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Lab 3: Systematic and CoEvolution Lab (LASCO)

Description and history: The LASCO is a laboratory focused on the study of TAXONOMY, SYSTEMATICS and HISTORICAL RECONSTRUCTION of parasites, mainly the paltelmintos parasites MONOGENOIDEAclass.

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Marcus Vinicius

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Lab4: Clam

Description and history: The mollusc Laboratory is located in the Coastal Studies Institute of the Federal University of Pará, Bragança, Pará, Brazil. Our research focuses on patterns of abundance and diversity of benthic organisms, particularly molluscs, both freshwater and the sea. We carry out studies on the reproduction and the bivalve settlement of rivers and estuaries. Also collaborate with other labs in the areas of genetics and breeding of bivalves.

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Colin Robert Beasley and Prof. Dr. Claudia Tgliaro

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Lab 5: Herbarium of Braganza (HBRA)


Description and history: The Herbarium of Portugal is located in the building of science ...

INCT-Virtual Herbarium of Flora and fungi

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ulf Mehlig


Lab 6: Integrated Ichthyology laboratory (Lii)


Description and history: The Labortório of Ichthyology Integrated ...

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Jonathan Ready


Lab 6: Microbiology Laboratory of fish

Description and history: The Labortório of Microbiology, Fish ...

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Simoni Santos da Silva


Lab 7. Anáĺises laboratory (LAQUA)

Description and history: The water analysis laboratory

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Zélia Maria Pimentel Nunes


Lab 8: Coastal Geology Lab (LAGECO)

Description and history: Coastal Geology Laboratory

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Nils Edvin Asp Neto


Lab 9: Filogenômica Labs


Lab 10: laboratory of shrimp farming

Description and history: The laboratory of shrimp farming

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Fernando Arújo Abrunhosa


Lab 11: Lab of Zooplankton

Description and history: The laboratory of Zooplankton

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Rauquírio André Albuquerque Maher


Lab 12: Coastal Management Laboratory

Description and history: The laboratory of Coastal Management.

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Luci Cashew